Managing Inventory at a Cell Phone Repair Store. Here’s How

    Managing inventory efficiently is one of the ways through which retail and repair businesses excel among the competition. And when it comes to cell phone repair stores, managing inventory is crucial, as the business includes several small parts and accessories that must be organized to complete the repair jobs on time.

    With the increasing number of smartphone users, the demand for these repair businesses is also increasing as these electronic gadgets are prone to failure and need repairs every so often. And if you are thinking of starting something highly profitable, opening a phone repair shop can be your piece of cake.

    And in this post, we will highlight some of the tips through which you can organize stock at your repair lab. Additionally, we will discuss how shop inventory management software can help you streamline inventory at the workplace. Let us discuss that.

    1.     Categorize Inventory

    It will be complete chaos if you don’t categorize the stock at your store. And categorizing means putting and arranging every repair accessory with its relevant parts. This is one of the pro tips to manage stock in your cell phone repair shop. For instance, you should keep all the LCDs and panels in the same place and all the charging ports together on some other shelf or drawer.

    Similarly, you can keep all the small parts in one place and the larger ones in some other place, making it easier for you to know the location of the repair parts and accessories. Also, you can take help from the cell phone store POS software, which will let you know the exact location of all the repair parts.

    2. Onboard an Inventory Controller 

    All retail, repair, and wholesale businesses organize and control inventory to show the stock they are left with at a particular time. However, being a repair store owner requires you to keep an eye on everything, from inventory to cash flow, to employees, which is challenging.  

    For that reason, you must hire an inventory controller that can keep an eye on your inventory. Also, the designated person will be experienced and ensure that all the required repair parts are at your store. Similarly, he will be able to process everything related to the stock, such as ordering parts and arranging them in the right place.

    Also, you can take help from POS system for cell phone stores and train your employees as well to use the system. Thus, you will have more control over the inventory.

    3. Use a Software 

    Inventory management is a challenging part of running a phone repair store. One cannot monitor stock 24/7 using manual methods. So, if you want your repair store to grow, you should equip it with software that can help you streamline the inventory in the best way possible.

    Using the shop inventory management software, you can monitor the stock coming in and going out of your store. Using a notification feature, the system will let you know whenever you run out of inventory. Moreover, you can order any special part or accessory from your desired vendor.

    4. Dispose of too Old Stock.

    At repair shops, it is a common practice that employees and other workers don’t throw out parts and accessories that have long been there and are of no use anymore. As a result, you are unable to utilize 100% of your shelf space and order the required parts in bulk.

    For example, if your store still has repair parts for older gen mobile phones, including Samsung, iPhone, Sony, LG, etc., and none of them have been sold in months, just get rid of them. And whenever a customer visits you to get his 10-year-old mobile fixed, you can order the repair parts through any trusted supplier.     

    In addition, you can charge some extra bucks to fix the device by mentioning to your customers that its repair parts are not easily available. And they will, without any second thoughts, pay you the desired price.

    5. Don’t Overburden Yourself

    This means you don’t have to have repair parts for all the smartphones people use these days. Instead, focus only on those that are famous in your county or the city. Or, you can target a niche, such as whether you are into repairing Android or iOS, and after figuring that out, equip your store with the repair parts related to those cell phones.

    Similarly, do the hard work as much as you can easily, and leave the rest on the RepairDesk shop inventory management software. It will manage your inventory like no other system and will help you boost your repairing business.

    Final Words

    Managing inventory has never been as easy as using modern software today. If you want to boost your revenue, and streamline stock, follow the suggestions mentioned, and you will see the difference yourself very soon.

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