4 Essential Tips to Maintain Your Electric Motors

    The electric motor is an essential part of your home because it provides water to your house. You need to maintain the electric motor to ensure the proper working of the motor. When you regularly maintain your motor, you can determine the problem which may occur with the motor. 

    The tips to maintain the electric motor is to do the proper lubrication of the bearing and avoid excessive vibration near your motor. You can learn more about the tips for maintaining the electric motor after reading the article. Keep reading the article!

    Do Proper Lubrication

    Lubrication plays an important role to maintain the working of the bearing of your electric m, or. Two main lubricant items which you can use to increase the smoothness of the electric motor are oil when you are going to install the new bearing, you need to check that the bearings are greased by the electric motor parts suppliers or not. 

    If they are not greased, you must decrease the bearing. You need to use the proper amount of greasing because over or underdressing has negative effects on the bearing of the electric motor. Over-greasing can lead to heat dissipation in the bearing so you need to use a balanced amount of greasing.

    Avoid the Excessive Vibration

    You should always protect your electric motor from excessive vibration, particularly when they are not working. When your electric motor is subject to vibration in its idle state, it can cause the vibration of the bearing and rub the grease. 

    Further, it can increase the friction between the bearing and other metal objects. If you want to avoid this type of situation, you need to reduce the vibration near your electric motor.

    Moisture Management

    One of the major concerns for the proper maintenance of the electric motor is the vulnerability to moisture. Moisture can build up in the interior part of the electric motor if you are not used the water for a long time or use the loos valve of the water.  

    When your electric motor is exposed to moisture or huge amounts of water, it can lead to rust problems with your electric motor. To avoid this type of problem you need to use the vacuum relief valve products so that the flow of the air will be maintained and moisture cannot build up in the interior part of the electric motor. This way, you can prevent rusting of the electric motor.

    Electric Motor Losses

     There is a type of loss which may occur in your electric vehicle and can lead to motor failure. So you need to prevent your motor from losses. The first type of electric motor loss is core loss. When heat is dissipated in the core losses can further degrade the core and reduce its life of the core. 

    You can prevent this type of problem by using thinner lamination. The second type of loss is rotor loss. These losses reoccurred in the conductive part of your electric motor that may cause an increase in the cross-section of the bar of the motor. You need to avoid the loss of all these types in the prevention of your electric motor from failing.  

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